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Access ramps for shipping containers- pallet truck easy access-


The must have piece of kit makes getting your products into shipping containers easy. Ideal for pallet trucks and trolleys. All prices quoted are ex depot subject to VAT @20% We offer transport service with hiab and deliveries of paletts.

Steel container and storage box loading rampshttp://

(website has good images to view) The standard shipping container has approximately a 6 to 8 inches step from the ground level to the floor level. This can in some cases make loading very awkward when lifting heavier objects into the container for storage. Our products under the name “Isoramp” make this much easier, safer and considerably more convenient. If you have a containerised storage facility your clients will love this product.

The solution to the problem Introducing the “Isoramp” container loading ramp for self storage and light commercial use.

The “Isoramp” mobile container ramp allows ISO shipping containers to be safely loaded and unloaded with ease.  The Isoramp is very robustly manufactured, easy to handle and the simplest solution to the problem. We make 2 versions of the “Isoramp” the light weight and the heavier version. The heavy duty “Isoramp” has a good load capacity, which is ideal for loading heavier pallets with a pallet truck. Made from 4.5 mm durbar and finished with a non slip coating for ease of use. Our ramps are designed for manual handling only not powered access by fork trucks. Compatible with 8 ft, 10 ft, 20 ft, 40, ft shipping containers and all variations of ISO container design. The lighter version whilst made from the same design is constructed from 3 mm durbar plate and again finished in non slip paint.

What makes “Isoramp” unique is its simplicity, in that it just drops straight over the bottom door keeps on any standard ISO container. Ideal for self storage yards, construction sites and commercial operations using containers for additional space. Once used can be easily be stored inside your container for future use. A simple and unique product giving  you a solution to an age old problem.

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