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“ISOLEVER” (Shipping Container truck doors opening made easy (Patent)

As always we are looking at ideas to make Shipping Container access easy and one of the biggest issues is the sometimes difficult task of opening the shipping container doors. Especially if you are not too strong it’s unfair to expect you to be able to do this with ease. I have been in this industry for as long as I can remember and container door opening has always been an issue. The older the container, the bigger the problem. For over 30 years I have made up and had tools that assist with opening the doors on shipping containers. My first simple version was a scaffold tube flattened just to extend the handle. So after all this time I bring you “isolever” and adaption of this simple concept. What makes our door opening tool different from others? Our “Isolever” is designed to fit over the door handle and up to the door handle hub creating the best possible additional lever action. The door handle is encased inside the lever so that it is not damaged during the opening process. In 99% of cases when an exterior tube or bar is fitted to give more leverage the door handle bends. With “Isolever” this is not the case the door handle is protected from getting bent. Even the toughest ceased up locking bars will free up with this tool. “Isolever” takes away the stress of opening container doors and truck doors, simple, efficient and useful gadget. Made from strong tubular steel, made to last and finished in any colour you want to match your trucks or shipping containers.

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