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 Welcome to The Truck box security device to
lock vehicle doors Stop the nightmare drivers have with unlawful entry to vehicles fit this product


The Truck box a simple
device to stop easy access to any vehicle with twin or single doors.
If you operate any type of
vehicle that has normal twin rear doors you need this product. The Truck box is
the latest anti theft, anti tamper lock system specifically designed to stop
opportunist entry to any vehicle it is fitted too.  Designed from tough
mild steel finished in zinc based primer ready to be painted after installation
this easy bolt on system makes this product an absolute must for any owner of
trucks or trailers.
Stop the doors being opened at random and without drivers knowledge. if you
leave vehicles unattended, travel into Europe or any where your likely to have
anyone try and get into your vehicle you need this product. We are experts in
security products born from 35 years in the shipping container industry. We
have other innovative products on the market for similar applications but this
one is specifically built for commercial trucking industry. We all see the
terrible scenes at ports where by many try to gain entry to the UK by stowing
away in trucks. Fit this device and stop that problem. Not many will carry disc
cutters or burning gear so this product stops 90% of that issue. The Truck box
is designed to be used on refrigerated vehicles as well. The fixings allow this
to be fitted to doors with 100 mm thickness. Custom versions are available if
you need longer bolts or left handed versions.

Some reasons you need this on your

Stops petty theft

Stops anyone getting in the rear doors that does not have the key

Gives driver piece of mind if sleeping

Stops people stowing away in your trucks if you travel into Europe


Gives the driver piece of
mind if sat a port of entry queue

Takes 15 minutes to fit 

small cost against £1000s in fines or insurance losses is a no brainer !

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Fitting the Truck box to your
vehicles right hand opening doors


This product is simple to
fit. There are 3 components the main box that holds the lock and the hasp
section which fits inside the box and your heavy duty block lock. To fit you
will need a 13 mm drill and a ratchet spanner it’s that simple.

Position the main box on
right hand door at desired height, mark the position of the holes you want to
drill. Once they are drilled fit this section to door and bolt into place using
the backing plates provided. Then close the vehicle doors mark the square cut
out on the left door. Open the doors and position the hasp section so it fits
within this square. Drill the holes same as you do for the box section and bolt
this into place again using the backing plates. Tighten this up, shut both
doors again ensuring that the box section fits snug over the hasp section.


Open both doors and with a
disc cutter or hacksaw cut the surplus bolt sections off thus giving a nice
finish internally. Shut doors once again and then place the heavy duty block
lock up inside the box and fasten through the hasp eyelet.





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